Intelligent indoor light control network based on Bluetooth mesh

The intelligent lighting control indoor is the most typical and practical design concept of home intelligence in recent years. Intelligent light control can meet the needs, subtly set the brightness and color, and the environment changes intelligently to adjust the light. Therefore, it is energy-saving, convenient and comfortable compared to the traditional home light control. Because of these advantages, more and more manufacturers have begun to invest in the development of intelligent lighting control systems. Bluetooth mesh network technology can automatically and quickly perform Bluetooth pairing and network connection to accelerate the layout of the smart home ecosystem.

BLE Mesh Network Introduction


Mesh typology, multiple nodes

The Bluetooth Mesh network is a network topology for low power Bluetooth BLE for establishing many-to-many device communication. It allows the creation of large networks to support the communication of thousands of Bluetooth mesh devices.

Module Network Introduction


The E104-BT10 Bluetooth mesh self-organizing network module independently developed by Ebyte supports the sig mesh V1.0 standard and supports the sig standard HSL model. The mobile APP can be connected to the network by any node, realizing remote control of the mesh network, and implementing the lighting control application scenario with one button.

Intelligent light control implementation

Steps1. Initialize node 1, power-on node 1 serial port sends 02 c0 15, received 03 43 15 initialization succeeded.


1. Node 1 enters the network and sends 02 c0 09 through the control module E104-BT10-G for a few seconds. It receives 0B 40 09 CA F7 EF FB F9 EC 00 02 03 Description The network is successful.

2. Node 2 enters the network, sends 02 c0 09 through the control module E104-BT10-G and waits for a few seconds, receives 0B 40 09 CA F7 EF FB F9 EC 00 05 03 successfully enters the network, the same as other nodes enter the network operation, the same is received The third and second bytes of the return code countdown represent the incoming network address. 图片4

1. Node switch light control, E104-BT10-G or mobile phone to do proxy node control. For example, E104-BT10-G sends the command 09 c1 00 02 82 02 01 00 00 00, returns 08 41 00 02 00 01 82 04 01 control node 1 turns on the light, 09 c1 00 02 82 02 00 00 00 00, returns 08 41 00 05 00 01 82 04 00 Controllable node 1 turns off the light.



Start the indicator



Turn off the indicator

The E104-BT10 module is built into the single fire switch, and the panel switch node in the Mesh network is connected to the mobile phone to control the LED light group in the Mesh network. An indoor light control system for implementing Bluetooth mesh networking.


The Bluetooth mesh network provides multi-to-many device information transmission, improves the communication capability of building a wide-area network coverage, and requires only one control device to implement all functions of the intelligent light control easily and efficiently. E104-BT10 many-to-many communication can relay and send and receive data, the maximum number of nodes is 10922, which meets the needs of many indoor devices such as offices and factories.