Application of Bluetooth in Parking Lock


Parking lock is a kind of electronic mechanicaldevice. Its function is to prevent others from taking up your own parkingspace. Existing parking lock is operated in two ways: A: manual operation B.infrared remote control. The interior of parking locks that is operatedmanually, contains only mechanical implementation part, and the car owner have toget off to handle it, which is quite inconvenient. However, the infrared remotecontrolled parking lock, allows car owner to operate the lock without leavingthe car, and that makes things more convenient. Even so, it is still not enoughbecause this type of parking lock requires dedicated remote controller, whichmight be easy to lose.

Based on thetechnology of the existing parking lock,Ebyte added or changedthe control receiving part into bluetooth control module(E104-BT02), The datatransmitted through the wireless channel and bluetooth control module ofcontrol terminal (mobile phone). Users can control parking lock's working Stateby APP of Control End (Mobile Phone) without leaving the vehicle, and this hasmade full use of the portable electronic device--mobile phone, and avoided thetrouble of carrying other devices.

Working principle

Step 1 (Turn-on parkinglock): When the car owner approaches the parking space and is about to park,the car owner can operate the parking space lock control APP of the mobilephone, and transmit the approach state control command signal to the Bluetoothcommunication module of the parking lock end via the wireless communicationmodule via the Bluetooth communication module of the mobile terminal. Themodule receives the command signal, that is, the digital signal, from themobile terminal, and performs power amplification in the electrical controlmodule after digital-to-analog conversion, so that the mechanical actuator ofthe parking lock end performs corresponding actions, for example, the armrestof the parking lock is lowered to the low position to let the car enter theparking space unimpeded.

Step 2 (Turn-off parking lock): When the car owneris not far from the parking space, the car owner continues to control the App,and sets the parking space lock to the exclusive protection state. Thecorresponding command signal is transmitted to the control part of the parkingspace lock through the wireless channel with two Bluetooth communicationmodules,  to make the parking space lockarm beam rise to a high level, thus preventing non-parking owners frominvading, and ultimately safeguarding the owner's due rights and interests.


Functional features and advantages

1、It is easy to operate, APPmanual remote unlock or automatic induction unlock . Compared with infraredparking lock, Bluetooth remote control parking lock has obvious advantages.Firstly, smart phone APP control is more intelligent, intuitive and meticulousthan telecontroller control. Compared with mechanical parking locks, Bluetoothparking locks are more convenient and faster, and can be controlled by mobilephone without getting off. It is very simple and convenient, and the operationis more efficient and time-saving.

2、It can make ordinary electricparking locks and remote control parking locks more intelligent. App mobilephone remote control parking lock, can be achieved without the remote control,even if forgotten the remote control also has no impact. Because the mobilephone itself can act as a remote controller to achieve remote operation, theremote controller may be negligently lost and forgotten, but because of thehigh frequency of use, the mobile phone generally does not drop, and does notneed to replace the battery.

3、You canrecord the number of times and connect to the cloud for management. Whensomeone forcibly destroys, an audible and visual alarm will be issued. If a gatewayis provided, an alarm message will be sent to the bound mobile phone, and theowner can also remotely unlock to let the friend's car to park in his ownparking space.

4、The parkinglock status can be checked directly through the mobile APP can, such as whetherit is occupied, whether it is destroyed and so on. The system of unifiedcharging for some communities can also charge mobile phones,which is safe andefficient.