Ebyte Celebration for 2018 Christmas Day

On December 25th, in order to letcolleagues in other department experience the differences between Chinese andWestern cultures, the members from foreign sales department held a party for Christmascelebration. Colleagues from all departments participated with great enthusiasm.They enjoyed very much in the festival atmosphere.


During the party, the host prepared avariety of small programs, and presented Christmas candy to everyone. With thesound of Christmas carols, the team members were integrated into the atmosphereof the program; the exciting questions and answers, the laughter for various Englishtranslation, warm and romantic movie clips, ingenious hand-made works, etc.... Itis filled with a cheerful atmosphere, especially for the hand-made program, sothat colleagues can add a touch of bright colors to the Christmas party, andcolleagues are enjoying themselves!


The party ended with everyone's laughter.This event not only allowed everyone to feel the cultural differences, but alsorelaxed the tight work pressure. At the same time, it further improved theinterest for English learning of colleagues in other departments and created agood development for English learning. The learning atmosphere fully reflectsthe corporate mission of “developing with employees”.