Application of wireless module in "bait ship system"

First, theintroduction of the bait ship system
This wireless module is mainly used in the bait ship for data interaction andcommunication for the automatic cruising of the bait ship and the operation ofthe designated line. The bait ship system is mainly divided into two parts: ahull receiver and a hand-held controller. The hull receiver is mainly awireless transceiver placed on the bait boat for receiving control informationsent by the handheld controller to perform route setting, cruise setting,target position setting and the like on the hull; the handheld controller canbe used to The hull can also receive real-time information from the hull, suchas wireless signal strength, hull speed, hull position, and hull power.
The following is a physical map of the handheld controller of the applicationdevice:


Second, thesuccessful application of wireless modules in the bait ship system
The bait ship system requires communication between the devices. It isconvenient to put the feed in the water during the period before fishing, andthe fish in the water are allowed to have enough time to find the feed andconcentrate on the fishing spot to form a fish nest for fishing. The system canset a plurality of fixed-point feed placement points, and the bait boat canautomatically cruise the roots with a preset delivery route. During the runningprocess, the bait ship can collect its running speed, battery power, runningpath and target position distance by wireless at any time, and monitor itsrunning status in real time.
The bait ship system described in this paper uses the wireless module producedby the company. The module is based on the SI4463 chip, and its RFcharacteristics have reached the limit, thus effectively ensuring device datainterconnection.
Application of wireless module in "bait ship system"


Third, thewireless module introduction
1, E74-2G4M02S (CC2640)
The module itself provides BLE transparent transmission function, supportsBluetooth 4.2 protocol, and provides rich I/O interface, which is convenientfor secondary development of customers. You can connect to your phone for datainteraction. In the bait ship system, it can be applied to update the data onthe handheld device to facilitate the operation of the mobile phone.
2, E28-2G4M12S (SX1280)
In the bait ship system, the positioning of the bait boat is involved. In theconventional wireless scheme, only the RSSI can be used for simple positioning,resulting in inaccurate positioning. This module uses signal flight time tolocate, supports precise positioning with a positioning accuracy of 1 meter,and uses the modulation scheme of LORA to make 2.4GHz signal transmissionfarther and anti-interference ability stronger.
Fourth, other recommended programs
The communication between the bait ship system and the remote control, inaddition to the E10-433MS, is recommended for customers to use the E70-433MS14(CC1310 solution), because the CC1310 has integrated high-performance MCU and RFRF circuits, and the remote control function can be completed on a single chip.(It is also the 433M frequency band), which does not require the customer toadd a single-chip microcomputer, and has a lower transmitting and receivingcurrent, and can meet the communication distance of the remote control, and ismore suitable for designing a battery-powered device.

V. Conclusion
Today, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, top industrycompanies have quickly and consistently launched stable and reliable qualityproducts through strong alliances and complementary advantages, and become themainstream research and development awareness of electronic products. The baitship system described in this paper has obtained good market feedback in themarket due to the close cooperation of many parties and has gained goodreputation among outdoor fishing enthusiasts.