Connect ESP8266 WIFI Module to Cloud Platform

1. Brief introduction
ESP8266 is an UART-WiFi transparent communication chipbased on wireless communication protocol, it supports 802.11b/g/n wirelessstandard with three optional working modes. ESP8266 module is controlledthrough AT commands, for example, users could select WiFi mode, list, join andexit access point, establish TCP/UDP connection, obtain status, send data andso on.

2. Work modes of ESP8266 module
2.1 Station mode
Under station mode, ESP8266 connects to Internet through router, the remote control of equipment is realized through Internet;
2.2AP mode
Under AP mode, ESP8266 module plays the role of hotspot, users could connect to it directly and realize wireless control within LAN.
2.3 Station+AP mode
Station+AP mode means that STA mode and AP mode exist simultaneously, under this mode, the module can be the hotspot or the end device.
OneNet is an open IoT platform, which mainly provides the access, storage and presentation service of sensor data, it constitutes the IoT program platform for all open-source software enthusiasts and manufacturers. This article will introduce how to connect ESP8266 into OneNet cloud platform.
First, create product and select EDP protocol


Then, create deviceCreate device through the webpage, pls refer to belowpicture:3

Now, conduct a test with testing software “EdpProDebugger”IP address of the server and comm port number is: 876

Then click to generate codes, send to cloud and then itcould link to OneNet server5

Check the device status from OneNet

Now, configure the ESP8266 Open this software and set the ESP826 as station mode8

Input WiFi account and passwords and connect to routerConfigure the IP address & comm port number toestablish connection910Start the serial port configuration assistant software, copy the codes generated by the “EdpProDebugger” and paste, note: remember to remove the “0x” in front. 11

Now, the device has log in to the cloud platform. Now upload the data to the platform
Select “SaveData” for “Message Type”, select “Type V” for “Sub Message Type”: use semicolon “;” to isolate the character strings, pls refer to below chart:


Then copy the HEX codes into the serial port configuration assistant software one by one

Go to the Device Manager – Review Data, you will find thedata sent to the cloud platform;

Now create an application to send data downwardly

After application created, conduct a simple on-off switch,the device is E103-W01, data stream is E, on=1, off=0.

Click on “Save” and open again
17Press “On”, data will be sent from cloud platform