Date:April.24th-27th, 2018
Address:Moscow, Russia
Exhibition: SVIAZ ICT2018

SVIATICT is the most professional and largest Communications and InformationTechnology Exhibition in the Russia and CIS region. As the world leadingdisplay platform of Communications and network manufacturers and serviceproviders, it held 29 sessions in total till now. The organizer is well-knownMIDEXPO in Russia and the supporters are the Ministry of economic developmentand trade of Russian Federation, Russian Federation industry, Ministry ofscience and technology, and the Moscow City Government. The exhibition startedfrom 1996, and it has been more than 25 countries exhibitors from well-knowncompanies and media participated till the 30th SVIAZ ICT, 2018.


As the senior applicationexpert in IoT and the the leaders of China's electronic communicationsindustry, Ebyte participated in this exhibition and got a good results already.Our booth number is 22F83, which belongs to the mobile communication exhibitionhall. During the exhibition, Our staff received about 500 hundreds customers insite, including hundreds consulting enterprises.


Those company learnedabout our LoRa, WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-IoT etc. and showed a great intention to cooperate.

Alexey V. Adamovich from PPSSignal JSC


Oleg Pushkarev from Compel


With theparticipation in this exhition, our frequent customer Aleksandr Bragin from PRINJSC also came to our booth, provided positive feedback about our products andconsulting some techinical issue with our engineers in site.


At the same time, mostlocal enterprises came to consult and all got a detailed answer from our staffthere.



In the SVIAZ ICT2018, Ebyte showed the China Electronics'Cutting-edge Technology and Rich Corporate Strength in such internationalstage. Also we talked to much excellent company from Russia, Germany, America,French, Italy etc, and had a further communication in industrial technologyand development.

After this exhibition, Ebyte will keep moving for furtherdevelopment.